List of High Carb Foods to Limit or Avoid

High Carb Foods
Carbohydrate is an important nutrient needed by the body. It provides energy for the body so you can perform your daily tasks. It is also a needed nutrient for growth, to improve the immune system to fight diseases and for proper functioning of the body’s organs. However, carbs (short for carbohydrates) when taken in excess can be detrimental to your health. Foods that contain glycemic carbohydrates or those that contain high sugar, fat or sodium are not healthy and must be avoided. They can cause type II diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. It is best to avoid them to be free from these types of life-threatening diseases. To do so, you need to know what high carb foods to avoid are in the first place. This article will answer the question, “what are carb foods”. Below is a list of high carbs foods to avoid:

Sugary Drinks– Sodas, artificial fruit juices and other flavored beverages are packed with sugar or sucrose (table sugar). Aside from the fact that they are high carb foods or drinks to be exact, they also contain large amounts of calories which is a no-no when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. It is advised that women should only limit their calorie consumption up to 100 calories per day and 150 for men. If you are watching what you eat, you must avoid high carb diet which includes sodas. A can of coke for instance contain 136 calories which is more than enough calorie that women need in a day. Calories that are not used by the body as energy or excess calorie in the body can turn to fats and enhance weight gain. The fastest way to be obese is to drink sodas and other sugary drinks. Conversely, if your aim is to stay fit and keep your weight in check, you should not drink sugary drinks or eat high carb foods. While you need carbohydrates to be healthy, there are a lot of low carb foods to choose from like avocado and nuts.

Fried and Salty Foods– Sometimes, the food itself may not contain high carbs or fats but the way we cook the food makes it unhealthy to be consumed. The same can be said with fried and salty foods. For instance, breaded fried chicken can be a source of unhealthy fats that can cause cholesterol and obesity. It may also be high in sodium. Carbohydrates that are also high in sodium will lead to high blood pressure. Other examples of fried and salty foods are potato chips and fries. When potato chips and fries are steamed or baked for instance, their fat and sodium content will greatly decrease which could also lessen the health risks they will put you into. Another alternative is to use a healthier oil used to fry your foods like olive oil or sesame oil.

Sugars and Sweeteners– Sugar and other artificial sweeteners are definitely not healthy for your body. They must be avoided or reduced especially when used in preparing our foods. There are other alternatives to these sweeteners. You can use honey instead of sugar to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. There are just so many ways in order for you to stay healthy.

Candies and Chocolates– Some people seem to have a sweet tooth that they just can’t avoid candies and chocolates. That is in fact true especially in women. According to studies, women are more inclined to eat sweets compared to men because of the female hormone called estradiol which is usually released during the menstrual cycle. So the next time you crave for sugar, it must be your body’s response to an impending period. Try to resist this urge when you want to keep your body healthy. Remember that there are healthy alternatives to candies and chocolates. You can try fruits instead. They can give you the same sweet tooth satisfaction without the guilt. Fruits contain natural sugars that can be used by the body.

Processed Fruits– Not all fruits are healthy. While even the sweetest fruits contain healthy sugar that can be absorbed by the body, dried fruits must be avoided as they may already contain added artificial sweetener or sugar. Always opt for fresh fruits. Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar thus are packed with loads of carbs. You can check the label whether the dried fruits are sweetened or preserved with their natural juices or with added table sugar.

Cakes and Cookies– Cakes and cookies are common comfort foods that we keep around or hidden in the fridge in case we feel a little down. Bingeing on them will just give you extra pounds which can eventually lead to obesity and a host of other illnesses. As much as possible, avoid these foods or eat them in moderation. You can also make use of healthy cake and cookie recipes. Yes it’s possible to make healthy cakes and cookies. Who doesn’t like to eat these foods without the guilt?

Refined Grains– When we say “refined”, a particular food or ingredient have undergone a process which strips it of essential nutrients making it an unhealthy choice for consumption. The food may contain high calories and carbohydrates and not much nutrients. Examples of refined grains are white rice, bagels and cereals. When you want to eat the same kinds of food, you can opt for healthier alternatives. For instance, choose brown rice over white rice. There are also whole wheat breads and whole-grain cereals that are healthier compared to their “refined” counterparts.